Seth Whitmer

Seth Whitmer is a visionary leader and influencer in the field of healthcare administration. His implementation of advanced processes and establishment of programs have proved essential in reaching long-term missions of various healthcare institutions.

Early Life & Education

Seth was born and raised in Arizona alongside six other siblings. Sadly, at the age of 14, Seth lost his father to a rare disease. To provide for his family, Seth worked at a fencing company throughout high school. This experience taught Seth a lot about hard work, perseverance, the value of a good education, and most importantly, the importance of family and loved ones. At the same time, Seth was heavily involved in his community and his church. After graduating from high school, Seth was sent on a two year mission to preach and to teach how to serve communities in Seattle, Washington.

Once Seth returned from the mission, he focused on finding a career that would be both interesting and people centered. This is how he discovered health administration. He attended Weber State University, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Health Administration in 2008. Upon graduation, he began working in a healthcare facility for the elderly. The CEO of this organization recognized Seth’s strong work ethic and dedication, and encouraged Seth to return to school for his master’s degree. Seth decided to attend the University of Washington, where he would go on to meet the love of his life, his wife, and the mother of their five children, Megan.

Seth Whitmer


Since 2008, Seth Whitmer has worked in a variety of healthcare roles where he has helped make significant improvements to the functional aspects of these organizations. As the Executive Director at Sunshine Terrace Foundation, Seth transformed a long-term care facility into a financially stable operation, making a profit of a positive Net Operating Margin of 22%. At Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic, Seth revitalized a struggling clinic and turned performances around with motivational leadership. As CEO at Arbor Health, Seth elicited more than $30M in revenue. As Captain USAF MSC (active duty), Seth systematized internal operations related to healthcare management, clinical practices, and contracted services.

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